Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

[Gedankenkiste] Maybe Life´s not for everyone: Life with Depression and Anxiety // Vielleicht ist das Leben nicht für jeden: Das Leben mit Depressionen und Angststörungen

Ihr findet einen neuen Post auf Impression of Dreams über Depressionen und Angststörungen, in Deutsch und in Englisch. 

When I look at myself I don´t see me. I see a whole new person. And I want my old ego back. I want ME back. But I as well now, that this person was always a part of me and always will be. I just never allowed her to take the upper hand. Until I couldn´t stand anymore and this person broke out of me. Took the control. Hided my other personaltiy deep inside. Jailed it. 
And now I have to try every single day to make this person not controlling me. Because I´m so much more than my depression and anxiety!  

You can find the whole text in German and English here.  

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