I´m Madie, a 24-years old girl living in Munich, Germany. 

Welcome to my blog! I cannot even tell how much it means to me that you are here! Thanks for joining me! 

and a night dreamer - I definitely dream too much!



very small: just 5'0" / 1,52m
shoe size: EU34 / US 3,5 / UK 1,5 - 2


I was always called a dwarf...
so me and my "dwarf-friends" were looking for a (male) snow white!
(We found him. But he wasn´t really amused of this new title...)

couldn´t live without books!

creature of the night: an owl - not a lark!


wasn´t in holidays for 7 years now
but would love to travel
especially to Hawaii
or London
or Edinburgh 
or California
okay, believe me: I would go nearly everywhere. If it´s outside of Germany.

not a morning person

dreams about writing a book someday...

loves music 
and photography 

never really cared about beauty and fashion until the age of 19
now a lover of every kind of fashion & beauty!
and now spends far too long getting dressed every day

favorite song changes nearly every day

favorite colors are all pastell colors and marsala

always wanted to be a police officer for criminology, but is too small

was born in a german city called Backnang - and everyone thought because of that pronunciation that it´s a city in Asia ... yeah, size is fitting ;) 

has hungarian ancestors

never really liked Germany, is dreaming of living in another country!

dance teacher for at least 8 years now

plant killer. No plant will ever survive in my home... Sorry about that! 

I have a younger brother I always call "Little One", although he is much bigger than me! 

emphatic and really emotional

I always cut my own hair since I´m 15

still don´t drink alcohol, I just don´t like it

wide range of taste in music: from Metallica to Ed Sheeran to Casper to Ella Henderson to Die Toten Hosen to Martin & James to Guns n Roses... I could go on like this forever. I mean: really forever! 

Harry Potter Freak

I hate sport with every kind of ball. They always hit me right in the face. Everytime.

I love small animals. Like hedgehogs or hamsters. 
I don´t like dogs. They always tried to bite me and jumped into my bike, so I fell off as I were a young school girl. 

I love TV shows! Like Fringe. And Doctor Who. And 13 Reasons Why. And Hawaii-5-O. And Vampire Diaries. And Sherlock. And much more. 

Role models: Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg (what an amazing, strong woman!) and Martin Ginsburg (they had an amazing relationship based on love, friendship and equality and he was such a humorous person), Emma Watson (not only her talent but especially her fighting for equality!), Beatrix Potter (creative, smart - and a bit crazy - in a good way!), Malala Yousifazi (so young, so strong!), Maya Angelou, J. K. Rowling and so many more! 

a totally different kind of crazy

loves writing her blogs

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